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Vision 2025

GSMP is focused on directing future growth and positioning the region for a wider diversity of quality jobs with higher wages.

In January 2020, leaders in Greater San Marcos embarked on a collaborative community and economic development strategic planning process that will make the region a more prosperous, successful, and vibrant place to live, work, and do business. The process has resulted in a new five-year Economic Development Strategy that will be a consensus-based blueprint to guide the community’s actions in the years to come.
The Greater San Marcos Partnership convened the strategic planning process on behalf of its regional community and economic development partners. A diverse Steering Committee comprised of public, private, and non-profit leaders guided the Vision 2025 planning process.
The process addressed the full range of issues that influence a region’s competitiveness, including its talent, education and training resources, infrastructure and mobility, quality of place, resiliency, and so on. The resulting Strategy includes actions and tactics designed to address challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and advance the region and its distinct communities, residents, and businesses forward to a new period of heightened competitiveness and prosperity, and, where appropriate, worked to integrate some of the emerging, though still uncertain, implications of COVID-19.

Vision 2025 was finalized and approved in October 2020, going into effect for fiscal year 2021.
Now as we enter the implementation phase of Vision 2025, the driving force behind implementing the strategies and reaching our goals will be the committees and working groups that will formed.
Steering Committee Leadership
Chair - John David Carson, Carson Properties
Co-chair - John Cyrier, Sabre Commercial
Co-chair - Dr. Denise Trauth, Texas State University
Co-chair - Patrick Rose, Corridor Title Company
Steering Committee Members
Cassidy Berenato, Texas Aviation Partners
Jed Buie, Buie PR
Scott Burton, Benchmark Insurance
Jeff Newberg, Endeavor
Michael Cardona, SMCISD
David Case, Schertz Bank
John Doucet, Doucet Engineering
Laura Dupont, Corridor Title
Susanna Feather, Texas House of Representatives
Jennifer Finch, JE Dunn
Cassie Frow, Amazon
Jane Hughson, Mayor of San Marcos
Debbie Ingalsbe, Hays County Commissioner
Bryan Jeffreys, Sean Patricks
Ashby Johnson, CAMPO
Joe Kenworthy, Sage Bank
Steve Lewis, Lockhart City Manager
James Lovett, SH 130
Bert Lumbreras, San Marcos City Manager 
Brian Masterman, Majestic Realty Co.
Mo Mattocks, CFAN
Meagan McCoy Jones, McCoy's
Ed Mihalkanin, San Marcos City Councilman
Travis Mitchell, Mayor of Kyle
Terry Mitchell, Momark Development
John Navarette, Centrury Link/Lumen
Jeff Nydegger, Winstead PC
Justin Payne, Frost Bank
Randy Polk, (Film Friendly)
Jacob Reagan, Texas House of Representatives
Rosina Ruiz-Valle, Centro Cultural
John Schawe, Frost Bank
Monte Sheffield, Palmers
Ed Theriot, Caldwell County Commissioner
Augustine Verrengia, Stantec
Diane Wassenich, River Foundation
CJ Watts, Luling City Councilwoman
Shannon Weigum, Texas State University
Jim Wimberley, Texas Aviation Partners
Pablo Zuniga, Embassy Suites

Project Downloads

GSMP Vision 2025 Economic Development Strategy

Target Business Analysis

Regional Assessment

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