Information Technology

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Information Technology

Information Technology has driven innovation with global growth in software, hardware, Internet applications, data processing services, and computer security and cybersecurity solutions.

The Texas Innovation Corridor is reaping the benefits of its adjacent location to two major urban markets in Austin and San Antonio that feature very concentrated IT talent levels, which can support firms considering a new location or an expansion in the region. With lower costs, less congestion, and more affordable land than Austin and San Antonio, Hays and Caldwell Counties offer a compelling alternative for IT firms.

Existing Skilled Workforce

The Texas Innovation Corridor attracts talent from the neighboring major metropolitan markets of Austin and San Antonio. Approximately 71,000 are employed in related information technology jobs within 60 miles of the region. Higher education institutions in most communities typically offer a competitive supply of business- and IT-focused degree and training programs. The region is no exception, with several two- and four-year degree options in the region. 

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Talent & Education
Focused Degree Programs

Austin Community College’s Hays County Campus offers associate’s and bachelor’s programs in several relevant fields. Texas State offers several related bachelor’s and graduate degrees to the industry and consistently has more than 1,900 students in the talent pipeline. In addition to local institutions, Hays and Caldwell Counties benefit from their proximity to the many colleges and universities in Austin and San Antonio. There are 18 public and private, non-profit colleges and universities that grant four-year and/or graduate degrees and three public two-year colleges within a 50-mile radius of the City of San Marcos, where students can receive training in an array of related fields.

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Key Information Technology Advantages
Development Ready Land

There is ample developable land in the region appropriately zoned for commercial and office uses, including sites for data centers and network banks. There is more flexibility relative to space for small businesses as they can locate in Class-B and -C properties if necessary and can also launch operations from home, a storefront, or some other type of more readily available space. Land and rental costs are also lower in Hays and Caldwell Counties than in the Austin and San Antonio regions.

Vital Fiber & Broadband Access

Broadband access is vital to the viability of Information Technology, and the two-county footprint has access to 16 broadband providers, including mobile providers. According to Broadband Now, 90% of Hays County and 76% of Caldwell County has access to speeds of approximately 1000 mbps.

HIghly Competitive Electric Costs

When compared to other states, commercial and industrial electricity costs in Texas are competitive. As of 2019, the commercial electricity costs in Texas were $8.06 per kilowatt-hour, tied for 3rd nationally and below the average for the United States ($10.58).

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