Getting Started

GSMP firmly believes in supporting the development of small businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs in the Texas Innovation Corridor. Success in the small business world requires an ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs to grow and succeed by providing access to needed resources and connections.

As such, we have prepared a regional resource guide in an effort to help entrepreneurs better understand their environment, the resources at their disposal, and the actions that could increase the likelihood of their success.

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Step 1
Get Assistance With Your Business Plan

Utilize resources like the Small Business Development Council or Small Business Administration to develop your business plan and get your ideas off the ground.

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Step 2
Find Financial Funding & Assistance

Partner with a local branch of start-up funders, lender institutions and angel investors to get started on financing your operations.

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Step 3
Find A Place To Work

Discover the variety of incubators, accelerators, and co-working spaces in the Texas Innovation Corridor to set up your office and operations.

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