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Texas Innovation Corridor

Greater opportunity, deep in the Heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor.

Mid-way between the two major metropolitan cities of innovation and along the corridor of Interstate 35 and SH130, the Texas Innovation Corridor has unexpectedly developed its own innovation ecosystem that Forbes has called the region "The Next Great Metropolis."

The innovation taking place in the region is greatly influenced by Texas State University - one of the state's largest universities. Since 2012, Texas State has been designated as an Emerging Research Institution, currently doing cutting-edge research in materials science, nanotechnology, life sciences, and computer science. According to U.S. Patent & Trade Office, and U.S. Census data, Hays and Caldwell Counties alone have filed over eleven times the number of utility patents per capita than the entire state of Texas and nine times that of the U.S.
The region has long been an employment center for the region. According to CHMURA Economics & Analytics, the labor force has grown in our region by 48% - outpacing both the Austin-Round Rock MSA (40%) and the San Antonio MSA (22.3%). Data from the Center for Economic Study and the U.S. Census indicate that more than 48,000 are driving into the area on a regular basis for work. While jobs in Texas have grown to an impressive 11.7% in the last ten years, the Texas Innovation Corridor has more than doubled that figure (33.7%) in the same time period. 
The region's innovative spirit and strong educated talent pool has birthed industry disruptors like Urban Mining Company and Visionary Fiber Technologies, and attracted brand-name companies like Amazon and Best Buy - along with many others who have found success here.

See all the companies who have recently located to the Texas Innovation Corridor.


With 5,000+ employees, Amazon is the largest employer in the region.

The company has invested four times in the Texas Innovation Corridor,
including the largest industrial facility in the region - a 1.1M SF SAT-6 facility.
There are very few places in the country that are still considered "hidden gems." Companies and talent across the country should act on a recent ranking by Thrillist and relocate to the region (before it becomes too popular)! Judging by the current rate of growth, many have already recognized the great opportunity deep in the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor.
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