Site Selectors Play A Critical Role In Economic Development

Oct 16, 2020
Jason Giulietti

This column originally ran in the San Marcos Daily Record on October 14, 2020.

As you may know from my past columns, the mission of the Greater San Marcos Partnership is to improve the quality of life for the residents of Hays and Caldwell counties by facilitating the creation of good-paying jobs. In part, this is done by recruiting companies that are shopping for an ideal location to expand. 

Most companies that undertake the site selection process secure the services of a site selection professional. These site selectors have a great deal of influence in where companies choose to invest, expand, and create new jobs. Over the years, the team at GSMP has built up a large network of site selectors that are familiar with our region’s assets and competitive advantages.  

Site selectors are experts at analyzing a community to see its business strengths and weaknesses and determine its ability to meet the needs of its client. Chief among that analysis includes a region’s workforce, supply chain, quality of life, infrastructure, demographics and business incentives. Because of that expertise, site selectors are a valuable resource to companies wanting to expand. 

More importantly, if a site selector has a positive experience and a successful location in a region, it is typical for them to return and bring other prospective locations and expansions with them.

GSMP works diligently to continue growing its site selector network to share the advantages of the Greater San Marcos region. Every year, GSMP invites several site selectors who may not know about our region to take what is known as a familiarization tour. During this time, site selectors are immersed deep into our community as they learn about the unique characteristics and benefits of all the communities in our region. In addition, they visit local businesses, meet with local leaders and experience our region’s food and culture.

As our network of site selectors who are familiar with the Greater San Marcos region grows, so will the number of prospects, located companies, new jobs and capital investment for the Greater San Marcos region. I am pleased to share that even during the challenging era of COVID-19, GSMP has had a record year in the number of located companies, which can be largely attributed to the vast number of site consultants that are familiar with what our region has to offer. 

As site selectors continue to learn about what is here in the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor, our number of good jobs and newly located companies will only continue to grow. If you want to know more about what a site selector does and how GSMP works with them, I am happy to elaborate. Reach out to me at or on Twitter @JasonGiulietti.