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Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Small business is the lifeblood and the largest creator of jobs of our region.

In fact, small businesses acccount for approximately 80 percent of new job announcements nationwide.

Success requires an ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed by providing access to needed resources and connections. Starting a business is something many people consider, but not all that many try and even fewer succeed. Is this because small businesses are prone to failure or is this because small business owners are prone to a lack of proper preparation, planning, resources, and understanding of the environment and amount of work it takes to succeed? We believe the latter. 

We have prepared a business resource guide in an effort to help entrepreneurs of all kinds better understand their environment, the resources at their disposal, and the actions that could increase the likelihood of their success.


Here you will find software for creating business plans. This software will show you samples, guide you and teach you the process of building business plans. View Website

If you are going into a business that is already a common industry this link will direct you a site where you can find ready made plans for common businesses. i.e restaurants, apartments, medical practices etc. View Website

When building a business plan you have to consider what culture your business will take and how you will insure its productivity. This link directs you to a site with various resources for advice on increasing productivity, business communication, marketing, management and the like. View Website

This link also directs you to a source of sample business plans and business plan creation tips. View Website

Forming a Business Entity

While you create your plan you will decide whether your company will be classified as a type of corporation or partnership or something else. How do you form you legal business entity anyway?

Here is a step-by-step guide to the formation and registration of a business. It includes descriptions of legal business structures along with other things an entrepreneur needs to know in respect to forming their business. View Website

Secretary of State

This link directs you to Dallas Chamber of Commerce where you can find various resources to form your business as well as local Dallas opportunities. View Website

Here you will find descriptions of different business entity classifications their differences and benefits. View Website


Access various legal forms you might need for your business for free. View Website

Books and software how to(s) for various legal matters in business. View Website

Tax information for businesses. View Website