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Small Business & Entrepreneurship

Small business is the lifeblood and the largest creator of jobs in our region.

In fact, small businesses account for approximately 80 percent of new job announcements nationwide.

Success requires an ecosystem that allows entrepreneurs and small businesses to grow and succeed by providing access to needed resources and connections. Starting a business is something many people consider, but not all that many try and even fewer succeed. Is this because small businesses are prone to failure or is this because small business owners are prone to a lack of proper preparation, planning, resources, and understanding of the environment and amount of work it takes to succeed? We believe the latter. 

We have prepared a regional small business resource guide in an effort to help entrepreneurs in the Greater San Marcos region to better understand their environment, the resources at their disposal, and the actions that could increase the likelihood of their success.

Regional Sources for Support

Small Business Development Center - Helps small business owners facing challenges ranging from financing and inefficient operations to developing clear growth strategies. Access to trusted business advisors and a rich network of collaborative partners help unblock the barriers for entrepreneurs to achieve growth and success.

Small Business Administration - An independent agency of the federal government to aid, counsel, assist, and protect the interests of small business concerns, to preserve free competitive enterprise and to maintain and strengthen the overall economy of our nation. 

  • www.sba.gov
  • Anthony Ruiz (Office Director) 
  • (210) 403-5900


Austin SCORE - Certified Mentors including experienced entrepreneurs, corporate managers, and executives with a diverse set of industries and specialties volunteer their experience and knowledge to help small business owners and entrepreneurs achieve success. 

Central Texas Angel Network - A nonprofit, member-based organization, the Central Texas Angel Network features 185 individual accredited investors from an extensive cross-section of sectors and backgrounds. CTAN members not only invest, they also mentor entrepreneurs and connect them to business resources, providing critical support to the success of early-stage business and the Texas economy. 

Skills for Small Business Grant - Small businesses can apply to TWC for training offered by their local community or technical college, or the Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service (TEEX)

Texas State Accelerator - Promotes a combination of industry leading, stress-tested best practices and innovative, boundary breaking derring-do. Maintains an up-to-date database of partnered events, organizations, and job postings, so if something is missing, make a submission. 

STAR Park - The incubator program hosted at STAR Park, STAR One, is designed to foster the collaborative development of new commercial ventures in applied research. This building hosts "spin-offs" from research conducted and intellectual property generated by university faculty, and "spin-ins" from companies outside the institution that want to come in and strategically work with the university.


San Marcos


San Marcos Chamber of Commerce - Seeks to improve the economic prosperity and quality of life in our community, members of the Chamber are working together in areas of education and literacy, business development, governmental affairs, and more to improve San Marcos every day. 

San Marcos Young Professionals - San Marcos' premiere networking organization for up and coming professionals between the ages of 21 to 40. SMYP engages young adults in the San Marcos community by providing its members with access to social, leadership, and civic opportunities. Application available online. 

PR <-- --> GO - A student run pro bono public relations firm designed to help community businesses help themselves by providing strategic communication and social media marketing advice and education. 

Downtown Association - Coalition of property owners, citizens, and independent businesses dedicated to strengthening the SMTX community. 

San Marcos Mainstreet - Fostering a downtown that is unique and culturally vibrant destination where local businesses thrive and people of all ages can connect, create, and celebrate. 

Splash Coworking - Provides shared workspace, offices, and conference rooms to create an authentic community by providing the resources and network to support and grow your business. 




Kyle Chamber of Commerce - Through strong membership, organizational leadership, and administrative expertise, the Kyle Chamber of Commerce provides business assistance and advocacy and is contributing to helping the entire region become the forefront of the Texas Innovation Corridor. 

Kyle Economic Development - As part of the entire Community Development Team, Kyle ED works hand in hand with the Planning, Engineering, and Building Departments to offer a "one-stop-shop" experience in order to warrant a seamless development process. 


Dripping Springs

Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce - A strong, viable organization with the primary goal of serving its membership by providing the necessary elements to help members grow, improve, and protect their business. The Dripping Springs Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to building the best environment for business in the region and are committed to improving the economic vitality of the Dripping Springs Area. 


Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce - The mission of the Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce is to promote community and economic prosperity while fostering alliances and partnerships. Chamber events help to acquaint members with each other and showcase local and new businesses.

City of Wimberley - The goals of the City of Wimberley are to promote and preserve small town business character and culture of the Wimberley area and promote and preserve locally owned small businesses that serve the needs of the Wimberley Valley. 


Lockhart Chamber of Commerce - Actively promotes and supports its member businesses. They also serve as the primary source of tourism and visitor information for the friendly, enterprising, and historic City of Lockhart. 

City of Lockhart Economic Development Corporation 


Luling Chamber of Commerce 

Luling Mainstreet - Non-profit that strives to revitalize the City of Luling's mainstreet. 


Luling Economic Development Office 

  • (830) 875-3214 ext. 305



Federal Opportunity Zone - Economically-distressed community where new investments under certain conditions may be eligible for preferential tax treatment. Localities qualify as Opportunity Zones if they have been nominated for that designation by the state and that nomination has been certified by the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury via his delegation of authority to the Internal Revenue Service. 


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