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Recent Relocations & Expansions

Since 2010, GSMP has announced the creation of over 5,000 new jobs and $500 million in capital investment in the Greater San Marcos region.

Company   Location Type Jobs Investment Year
Redbird Skyport   San Marcos Relocation 30   FY11
Xtreme Power   Kyle Relocation 150   FY11
Image Microsystems   Kyle Relocation 131   FY11
R-Water   San Marcos Relocation 3   FY12
Ampersand Art Supply   Buda Relocation 75   FY12
Rivercity Sportswear   San Marcos Relocation 10   FY12
Bautex   San Marcos Relocation 14   FY12
CSI   Buda Relocation 52   FY13
CMI   San Marcos Relocation 10   FY13
Deep Eddy Vodka   Dripping Springs Relocation 50   FY13
Engineered Filtration   San Marcos Relocation 20   FY13
L&M Supply   San Marcos Relocation 20   FY13
Quantum Materials   San Marcos Relocation 5   FY13
Twisted X   Dripping Springs Relocation 8   FY13
Corvac Composites   San Marcos Relocation 61  $3,650,000 FY14
Mensor   San Marcos Expansion 40  $7,500,000 FY14
Fashion Glass & Mirror   Lockhart Relocation 100  $2,500,000 FY14
Fat Quarter Shop   Buda Expansion 103  $6,000,000 FY14
Redbird Redhawk   San Marcos Relocation 15   FY14
TomCar   Dripping Springs Relocation 10   FY14
HHS   Dripping Springs Relocation 80  $10,000,000 FY15
PODS Enterprises, Inc.   San Marcos Relocation 15  $9,500,000 FY15
Epic Piping   San Marcos Relocation 400  $15,000,000 FY15
Amazon   San Marcos Relocation 1,000  $191,000,000 FY15
All Around Lighting   San Marcos Relocation 50   FY15
Best Buy   San Marcos Relocation 50  $1,250,000 FY16
Pure Castings   Lockhart Relocation 75  $2,700,000 FY16
Hill Country Foods   Lockhart Relocation 25  $500,000 FY16
Altra   San Marcos Expansion 10   FY16
Blueshift Technologies   San Marcos Relocation 25   FY16
Deep Eddy Vodka   Buda Expansion 80   FY17
Coast Flight    San Marcos Relocation 40   FY17
Urban Mining Company   San Marcos Relocation 100   FY17
Alsco Linen   Kyle Relocation 250   FY17
Austin Community College   Kyle Expansion   $22,400,000 FY17
Seton Medical Center   Kyle Expansion 60 $2,200,000 FY17
Berry Aviation   San Marcos Expansion   $3,200,000 FY17
RSI, Inc.   Kyle Expansion 82   FY17
Culinary Factory   Lockhart Relocation 10 $800,000 FY17
Dailey Electric   Lockhart Relocation 100 $1,000,000 FY17
RPM   Lockhart Relocation 20 $1,000,000 FY17
Irby Construction Company   Lockhart Relocation 8   FY18
The Turner Company   Lockhart Relocation 100 $3,000,000 FY18
HPI   Kyle Relocation   $40,000,000 FY18
Majestic Realty   Kyle Relocation   $39,700,000 FY18
Lockhart Emergency Center   Lockhart Relocation 40 $5,800,000 FY18
Exeterr Buda Land, L.P.   Buda Relocation 50 $14,000,000 FY18
VFT Technologies   Lockhart Relocation 70 $6,750,000 FY19
ENF Technology   Kyle Relocation 40   FY19
Katerra*   San Marcos Relocation 542*   FY 19
Smile Direct Club*   Kyle Expansion 850*   FY20
Sportsplex on CenterPoint   San Marcos Expansion 143 $108,000,000 FY20
Amazon Delivery Station   Buda Expansion 200+   FY20
Amazon Sorting Center   Kyle Expansion 200+   FY20
JVA Monitored Fencing   Lockhart Relocation 10   FY20
Lowe's Distribution Center   Kyle Expansion TBD   FY20
ZOOP Plastics Manufacturing   San Marcos Relocation TBD   FY20
Iron Ox   Lockhart Relocation 10   FY21
Bearden Investments   San Marcos Expansion TBD   FY21
Northpointe Development   San Marcos Expansion TBD   FY21
Amazon SAT-6 Facility   San Marcos Expansion TBD   FY21
Total   44   5,452  $537,500,000  

*Projects on permanent hold due to COVID-19 disruptions

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