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Paratus Diagnostics, LLC Recognized for Innovation with 2017 Burdick Award

San Marcos, Tex. – Paratus Diagnostics, LLC, an early stage company that develops point-of-care diagnostic solutions to make healthcare more accessible and affordable, has received the 2017 Dick Burdick Award for Innovation, the only award of its kind in the Greater San Marcos region recognizing companies behind disruptive technologies guiding the 21st century.

“San Marcos and STAR Park have been an important asset and opportunity for our growth and development as an early-stage company,” said Dr. John Carrano, Paratus Diagnostics’ chairman and CEO. “Texas State University offers a world-class, unique program in the Austin-San Antonio area. We look forward to continuing our success here and to the future of our products that are helping provide more affordable access to healthcare.”

Paratus Diagnostics, LLC is an organized Texas based early stage company founded in 2012 by Dr. John C. Carrano, and currently employs 16 full-time staff members. The company is headquartered in San Marcos, Texas, in state-of-the-art research and business incubator, STAR One.

Paratus Diagnostics leases 4,200 square feet of laboratory and office space, including BSL-2 certified space.

The genesis of the company was built on the notion that a universal module could be constructed that would enable many different diagnostic applications and assay formats while maintaining a common core design and manufacturing structure.

Paratus Diagnostics has trademarked this low-cost high-speed diagnostic device as the Paratus PreparedNow®System, which can be tailored for a variety of assay formats and biological samples to meet numerous diagnostic needs by simply switching out the ParatusSDS® Cartridge. 

Since the impetus for the ParatusSDS® was the need for a simplified and highly automated sample preparation solution, each cartridge is capable of performing a completely self-contained multiplex diagnostic test, enabling a true sample-to-answer solution.

The Burdick Award was created to help discover area companies that are challenging the status-quo in their industries. Past winners include MicroPower Global, Quantum Materials, and Thermon.

“Dr. Carrano and his team have grown their operations from two to 16 employees in their 20 months at STAR Park,” said Adriana Cruz, president of the Greater San Marcos Partnership. “These jobs are one example of the kind of jobs that will help strengthen and diversify our economy. It’s a pleasure to recognize Paratus Diagnostics for the award.”

“STAR Park is growing in tenants and in innovative, thought-leading minds,” said Stephen Frayser, STAR Park’s executive director. “We are proud to have Paratus Diagnostics call STAR Park its home and look forward to seeing how the company continues to shape the healthcare industry.”

Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP) and Texas State University officially announced the winner today at the Greater San Marcos Innovation Summit at Embassy Suites in San Marcos.

To learn more about Paratus Diagnostics, visit paratusdiagnostics.com.



Ashley Gossen

Director of Communications & Community Engagement

(T): 512.660.0808

(E): ashleyg@greatersanmarcostx.com



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