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Greater San Marcos Partnership Receives Recognition as a Top Economic Development Organization in Texas

San Marcos, Tex. - Southern Business & Development Magazine (SB&D), a leader in business news for the southern region of the country, announced the Greater San Marcos Partnership as one of four “Best Small Local Economic Development Agencies” in Texas as a part of its newly released Winter 2016 publication. 

The magazine polled members of SB&D's Southern Economic Development Roundtable to select the winners. According to publisher Michael Randle, there are about a dozen current and former Secretaries of Commerce in SEDR, along with educators, economists, consultants and local economic developers. 

“We value the recognition as a leading economic development organization in the State of Texas by SB&D,” said Adriana Cruz, President of the Greater San Marcos Partnership. “Our staff is dedicated to the craft of economic development and customer service to our clients because we know the impact of attracting high quality jobs for our communities. While 2015 was a banner year for GSMP, it’s only the beginning and there’s much to look forward to as we continue fulfilling our mission under the guidance of the Vision 2020 economic development strategic plan.”

Cruz added that its 114 public and private sector investors and partnerships with local elected officials and business leaders are what make GSMP’s organization a success. 

As part of GSMP’s effort to make the region as competitive as possible for new jobs, talent and corporate investment, GSMP spent nine months in 2015 working with Market Street Services to develop an updated economic development strategy to enhance our existing efforts. Guided by a 45-member Steering Committee, the Vision2020 strategy is a consensus-based, achievable strategy to guide the Partnership’s ongoing program of work on a path to short- and long-term regional economic prosperity. Information on the strategy is available at www.gsmpvision2020.com. 

The Vision2020 strategy took effect on October 1st, 2015 and will guide efforts through 2020. It identifies the following five strategic catalysts to raise our regional economy: 

  • Promoting the Greater San Marcos Value Proposition
  • Supporting Quality Job Growth in Export-Oriented Target Sectors
  • Optimizing the Local Talent Base
  • Accommodating and Managing Quality Growth
  • Creating Destination Appeal 

Just as the development of the strategy was a community effort, so will be the implementation. This will require a cross-section of regional investors, institutional partners, and municipalities working together towards the positive and progressive growth of the Greater San Marcos economy.

Since its formation in October 2010, the GSMP staff has worked 274 projects or requests for information (RFI) resulting in 24 announcements, 2,352 jobs announced and more than $245 million in capital investment.  

The other winning organizations receiving recognition by SB&D included Frisco EDC, Midland Development Corporation and New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce.

Media Contact:
Ashley Gossen
Director, Marketing & Communications
(512) 393-3400 | (512) 781-2074