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The Greater San Marcos region is centrally located in Texas, in the heart of the Texas Innovation corridor, with easy access to multiple major interstate highways, its own regional airport and a short drive to two major international airports, and international seaports. This key location provides businesses excellent access to major population and industry centers, making it a strategic site for the region’s key industries.


Two international airports (Austin-Bergstrom and San Antonio), one regional airport (San Marcos Regional Airport), one industrial airport, and several executive and private airports serve the Greater San Marcos region. 


Texas has some of the nation's biggest metropolitan areas and some of the most wide-open spaces. With its size and diversity, rapidly growing population, booming economy, increasing role in international trade, and its overwhelming dependence on the automobile, Texas has the nation's biggest and most highly developed highway system with nearly 80,000 miles of state-maintained roads. 


Several freight rails associated with Union Pacific run through the region. However, only a small handful of sites are located along existing rail spurs, leaving intermodal as the rail service of choice for the region.

Union Pacific's San Antonio Intermodal Terminal (SAIT)


There are ten seaports within 323 miles of San Marcos.

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