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Information Technology

Let's get digital.

Information Technology has driven innovation that touches nearly every facet of modern life and business. Most every form of information can now be digitized, with global growth in firms of all types fostered by software, hardware, Internet applications, data processing services, and computer security and cybersecurity solutions. The Greater San Marcos region is adjacent to two urban markets in Austin and San Antonio that feature very concentrated IT talent levels that can support San Marcos area firms’ staffing and expansion needs.

With lower costs, less congestion, and a more laid-back lifestyle than Austin and San Antonio, Greater San Marcos offers a compelling alternative for IT firms and talent already located in Central Texas and prospects looking at the super-region as a destination. 

With multiple IT and computer science degrees offered at Texas State, Greater San Marcos has the base of training assets necessary to support the IT inudstry, in addition to the tremendous capacity offered by Austin and San Antonio institutions – at both the two- and four-year degree levels. 

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