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The Greater San Marcos region is pro-business, offering an array of benefits and incentive vehciles at the local and state levels such as: 

  • No Personal State or Local Income Taxes
  • No Coprorate State or Local Income Taxes
  • Chapter 380
  • Chapter 381
  • Triple Freeport Exemption
  • City of San Marcos Economic Development 
  • Expeditted Permiting
  • Texas State Sales Tax Credit for Electricity Used for Manufacturing
  • Texas State Sales Tax Credit for Gas Used for Manufacturing
  • Texas State Sales Tax Credit for Machinery Used for Manufacturing 
  • Texas Enterprise Fund
  • Skills Development Fund
  • In-State Tuition Waivers
  • Texas Enterprise Zone
  • Foriegn Trade Zone
  • New Market Tax Credit - Eligible Census Tracts. 
  • Qualified Opportunity Zones 

The State and local communities offer a variety of tax incentives and innovative solutions for businesses expanding or relocating in Texas.  State and local incentive calculations in Texas are based on job creation, industry sector, expected capital investment and average wages. 

All incentives, whether at the local or state level, are subject to final approval by the appropriate City leadership (City Manager and City Council) or by the appropriate state entities.

If the City and State deem incentives appropriate for this project, a performance-based agreement outlining the company’s commitment will be required and must be approved by the governing entities.

The City and County will work closely with your client on providing the necessary permitting and regulatory support for their operations.

To learn more about incentives in any of our regional communities, please contact Chris Duran, Research Analyst the Greater San Marcos Partnership, at (512) 393-3400 or chrisd@greatersanmarcostx.com.