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By Adriana Cruz | Jun 13, 2017

Regionalism is an important topic in economic development that we talk about every day at our office. Communities are stronger when they’re supporting each other and working together, especially when it comes to state and federal advocacy. Later this month, I am excited to once again join a delegation of regional leaders from the Austin MSA traveling to Washington D.C. as a part of the Austin Chamber’s annual advocacy trip to represent the needs of Hays and Caldwell Counties.

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By Adriana Cruz | Jun 5, 2017
This week, I’m taking off to Mexico City with Texas State University, who is establishing its first international alumni chapter in the history of the University. Mexico is a country with deep ties to Texas and to Texas State University. So, in the spirit of this trip, I’m taking a look at why international business is critical to the Texas economy.   Read More
By Team GSMP | May 26, 2017

The San Marcos region has found a niche as a haven for U.S. military veterans. In fact, in FY 2016, $10.4 million in Veterans Affairs benefits came into Hays County and there were nearly 14,000 veterans living in the county. As we approach the end of Military Appreciation Month, we’re taking a look at some of the ways the greater San Marcos region is working to fill that expectation.

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By Adriana Cruz | May 16, 2017

In the competitive world of economic development, there are some key items that companies look for when making the decision on where to relocate or expand. If you think of a company’s needs in the same vein as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, they fall along certain key items.

Infrastructure: A company needs to know that the infrastructure is there to support their operation. The roads are there; the utilities are located on-site or close by. Just like humans need physical support (food, water, air) to... Read More

By Team GSMP | May 10, 2017

Victor Garza, GSMP's Director of Existing Business, Talent & Entrepreneurship, is our featured team member in May! Victor is a Certified Economic Developer (CEcD) and works with existing businesses and talent developers in the region. In his free time, Victor enjoys spending time with his wife Sadie and their daughter. They are avid campers and Spurs fans. Victor also considers himself a BBQ connoisseur.

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By Team GSMP | Apr 11, 2017

For April, we’re talking to Ashley Gossen, GSMP’s Director of Communications & Community Engagement. Ashley is an economic developer who passionately loves and promotes the Austin-San Antonio area. Prior to joining Team GSMP, Ashley got her start in the Econ Dev industry as the Media Director at the Austin Chamber.

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By Adriana Cruz | Mar 17, 2017
South By Southwest 2017 has come and gone.

Team GSMP was hard at work together with our regional communities to help get the word out about the dynamic region found South of SX, which was our official hashtag for the conference.

Not only did we meet Texas State alumni from across the country, companies from Europe, South America and California also made their way to our booth with the goal of meeting with us and learning more about the opportunities to be found south of the tech mecca of Austin.

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By Team GSMP | Mar 15, 2017
Day Three of the South By Southwest Interactive Trade Show is now complete!

We have enjoyed all of the new contacts we’ve made and the positive impact we’ve made on attendees.

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By Team GSMP | Mar 14, 2017
South By Southwest Interactive Trade Show Day Two is now behind Team GSMP!

At the halfway point of the show, we’re already seeing the benefits of many great new connections we’ve made in just two short days. We’ve met leaders from some of our key industries who have stopped to talk about the Greater San Marcos region’s assets and we look forward to nurturing those relationships over time.

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By Team GSMP | Mar 13, 2017
The first day of the South By Southwest Interactive Trade Show is under our belts and it was a busy one!

Team GSMP had a great time talking to SXSW attendees from all over the world. From Japan to Ireland and Mexico to Canada, and spanning a myriad of industries, the conference’s reputation as a center of global innovation continues to hold strong.

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