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Your Business Will Take Off in Our Region: Aviation, Aerospace, Security & Defense

In recent decades, the Greater San Marcos region has emerged as an increasingly prominent area home to new businesses and one of the fastest-growing universities in the country, Texas State University. Nearly equidistant from the thriving cities of Austin and San Antonio, the area sits in a sweet spot, allowing it to take advantage of economic opportunities generated by both metros while maintaining its own unique character.

The region's target industries are determined by employment and wage data for the two-county region by NAICS classification codes, occupational data within a 50-mile radius of the City of San Marcos, Texas State University degree programs and research assets, and areas of focus for other economic development organizations throughout the Austin-San Antonio region. 

Your Business Will Take Off in Our Region

"It is a great time to be in aviation and it's a great time to be in San Marcos" - Dan Verda, Coast Flight

The Greater San Marcos' region Aerospace target is comprised of subsectors related to the development of aerospace products and equipment and the components needed for assembly, as well as air transportation and support activities. The region has clear strengths due to the presence of its major employers. 



Throughout December, we have been highlighting some of the integral companies that make the Aviation, Aerospace, Security & Defense target industry a key component of transforming our region into the Texas Innovation Corridor. Take a look >> 


One of our region's major employers, CFAN is co-owned by GE (USA) and Safran (France). This company produces GE90 engine blades that power the Boeing 777 airliner.

CFAN was also the proud recipient of the GSMP Corporate Citizen Award at the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce Annual Gala. 

Since 1983, Berry Aviation has provided airlift and aviation support services to address challenging circumstances in the industry and government. In 2017, they expanded to the San Marcos Regional Airport in order to house a maintenance hanger, machine ship, non-destructive testing lab, state-of-the-art parts retreival system and more than 10,000 square feet of office space... all while adding 20 to 30 high-skilled employees! 

The San Marcos Regional Airport is an important asset for our region. With 1340 acres of developable land, 27,000 SF of training space, and "reliever" status for the Austin and San Antonio international airports, San Marcos serves as a one-stop-shop for all things aviation. 


Every second, a plane takes off with UTC Aerospace Systems equipment onboard. With 160 employees in San Marcos, UTC provides engine outer castings and aftermarket support for the world's newest large commercial twinjets and ranks among the world's most respected and innovative companies. 

Earlier this year, Army Futures Command relocated to Austin, Texas. They modernize the way the Army does business by creating a space of endless possibilities to explore, develop, and test new methods, organizations and technologies. We are proud to have had them as part of the 2018 Greater San Marcos Innovation Summit, and in the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor

The Industry Annual Wage for professions in the Aviation, Aerospace, Security & Defense Industries in our region is: 


... that's nearly double the overall two-county wide average annual wage!


For further questions, contact us directly! The sky is the limit for Greater San Marcos >>

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