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Year Two of SXSW Starts Strong

Year two of the #SouthOfSX (a.k.a.. the Greater San Marcos Region) at SXSW started off with a flash! The moment we set out our famous flashy guitar pins, trade show attendees flock to our booth. We are excited to tell our region's story with innovators and thought leaders from all over the world. We have met companies and wanderers all the way from Australia to Japan, and Spain to Brazil. We've told our story to the media and met a number of writers. We had many excited Texas State Alumni stop by, delighted to see the area represented at the show. Overall, more than 70,000 people came through the tradeshow in the first day alone! In the midst of speaking with interested citizens from all over the world, we also generated potential international leads for business development in our area, in a variety of industries. 

A great addition to our booth presence on day one was the arrival of the Texas State University Innovation Lab teams. You can read more about the teams showcased here. They had a very successful reception at their presentations at the W in Austin and we can't wait to see their ideas come to life! 

At the beginning of day two, we were off to a great start with Kevin Burke joining us from the City of San Marcos. In the afternoon, we offered a wearable with a little less tech, and a little more color. The attraction of flower rings in a technology show proved very inspiring for this SXSW crowd. A very successful representation of our region, Kayli Head of The Bloom Bar attracted attendees from all kinds of background, most commonly the technology fans! 

"SXSW is a unique event that showcases the best everyone has to offer. It is great to see the Greater San Marcos Partnership have a strong presence within an international audience." - Kayli Head

Dripping Springs CVB has been on hand, talking about the wedding capital of Texas. The city of Kyle and the San Marcos CVB will continue telling the story the remainder of the week. Samantha Brown of the San Marcos Area Chamber of Commerce has joined us or the past two days as well, furthering the partnership of our two organizations and promoting the cohesiveness of our community.

"It is great to join GSMP at SX this year. After two days, I can say the Partnership, Chamber, and cities in the area have made connections all over the country and #SouthOfSX has definitely been a hit." - Samantha Brown

The first half of our Exhibit at SXSW has been successful, we hope to continue getting better throughout the week!