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Talent Pool is Key to Job Creation

In the competitive world of economic development, there are some key items that companies look for when making the decision on where to relocate or expand. If you think of a company’s needs in the same vein as Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, they fall along certain key items.

Infrastructure: A company needs to know that the infrastructure is there to support their operation. The roads are there; the utilities are located on-site or close by. Just like humans need physical support (food, water, air) to survive, companies also need physical locational support.

Talent: The second most important need when making a site location decision comes down to talent. Who’s going to work at the facility? What is the talent like? Do they have the appropriate skills, or do they have the basic work ethic upon which the company can add specific training for their operation? 

Without these two critical components, you won’t win an economic development project. No amount of incentives will mitigate the inability to move products in our out, or the inability to maintain a quality work force.

This is why the Greater San Marcos region is so incredibly fortunate. Our region is already home to one of the best, most productive workforces in the state of Texas. And we’re working hard on multiple fronts to continue to improve on the skills of our existing talent pool.

GSMP is focused on this in three ways:

  1. Grow your talent base: We are working closely with the area school districts to make sure that our children – the workforce of the future – are ready to go into a career if they choose, or are prepared for post-secondary education whether that is career training, community college or university.
  2. Retain your talent: We are working closely with Texas State University to make sure there are diverse job opportunities for those Texas State grads who would like to stay in the region and make their careers and homes here. The Texas State alumni, upon graduation, would prefer to stay in the San Marcos area if possible. There are plenty of recreational and cultural activities to attract them. We are working to make sure the job opportunities are there as well.
  3. Attract talent: Our region is growing quickly due to population growth (primarily due to in-migration from other parts of the US) due to a number of factors including affordability, natural beauty, and safety. We need to make sure we maintain the unique assets that make this area an attractive place to live so that we can continue to attract new talent. Rather than trying to make the two county region homogenous, we celebrate our communities unique regional differences and culture.

This focus is so important to us that it’s the theme of this year’s Greater San Marcos Economic Outlook. Our keynote speaker will be Mr. Shabaka Gibson, Senior Vice President of Ady Advantage, who will be speaking on national trends and best practices in Workforce Development. In addition, we’ve formed a panel of community experts to talk about what we are currently doing as a region to make sure our two-county population has access to the best training available.

Being a great place to live attracts great talent. GSMP, along with community partners across the region, takes great effort to make sure our talent pipeline is robust; that our residents have access to training programs to upgrade their skills to be prepared for the quality jobs of the future.

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