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SXSW Day Three Wrap Up

Day Three of the South By Southwest Interactive Trade Show is now complete!

We have enjoyed all of the new contacts we’ve made and the positive impact we’ve made on attendees.

We met one entrepreneur from Brazil who stopped by our booth to talk to us. He mentioned that he knew of San Marcos and wanted to come get more information. When asked how or what he had heard about the area, he replied by saying, “it has a buzz - one of those places you’re hearing about.” This is one example of how the Greater San Marcos region’s profile continues rising nationally and internationally.

Many guests to the booth have said they’d plan an extra day at SXSW next year to come float our river, drink and eat from our local restaurants, and go shopping.

It is now the last day of the Trade Show. Team GSMP and everyone working the South of SX booth are excited to tell our story for one more day before packing up. Not only have we set metrics for success on this project, as we do with all of our programming, but we’re also feeling very inspired by what we’ve seen from other exhibitors.

Thank you to the city of San Marcos and city of Kyle for helping us work the Trade Show this week. We also appreciate the Biometric Authentication team from Texas State for spending their Spring Break at SXSW with us.