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How Can Our Region Help You: Business Support Services

In recent decades, the Greater San Marcos region has emerged as an increasingly prominent area home to new businesses and one of the fastest-growing universities in the country, Texas State University. Nearly equidistant from the thriving cities of Austin and San Antonio, the area sits in a sweet spot, allowing it to take advantage of economic opportunities generated by both metros while maintaining its own unique character.

The region's target industries are determined by employment and wage data for the two-county region by NAICS classification codes, occupational data within a 50-mile radius of the City of San Marcos, Texas State University degree programs and research assets, and areas of focus for other economic development organizations throughout the Austin-San Antonio region. 

How Can We Help You?

"It is a joy to live, work, and conduct business here. The fact that we are one of the fastest growing cities in Texas is a big advantage for our growing business!" - Carla Sisk, ColorMix Graphics

Greater San Marcos is well positioned to capture opportunities in Business Services and Support. The region has a specific demand for Data Centers, Customer Care Operations, and Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services all supported by the need for business and information technology (IT) centered skill sets from existing San Marcos area firms. 


A quarter of the employment in 2013 in this target can be attributed to entrepreneurs. This is a 35% increase in the number of self-employed individuals working in the included business sectors between 2003 and 2013. Region-wide, only 9% of jobs are attributed to the self-employed, an indication that this target is a prime opportunity to focus on small business support and connecting small businesses with large employers across business sectors to spur innovation in business support technologies and process. 

Landing the Job

There is ample developable land in the region appropriately zoned for commercial and office uses. This includes sites for data centers. There is more flexibility relative to space for small businesses as they can locate in Class-B and -C properties if necessary and can also launch operations from home, a storefront, or some other type of more readily available space. Land and rental costs are also lower in Hays and Caldwell Counties than in the Austin and San Antonio core counties. 

Supplying the Workforce - Education 

A robust workforce development pipeline is evident in Greater San Marcos with 40 degree options across a variety of higher education institutions. There are 18 public and private, non-profit colleges and universities that grant four-year and/or graduate degrees and three public two-year colleges, within a 50-mile radius of the City of San Marcos, where students can receive training in an array of relevant fields supporting customer care. 

Regionally, Austin Community College is the Hill County's premier institution for enhancing the skills and abilities of our local workforce for existing industry sectors. Texas State University is the fifth largest in the state of Texas and draws enrollment from all around the world to the heart of the Texas Innovation Corridor. The McCoy College of Business at Texas State prepares students to be successful in a global business environment and was completely funded for and built by McCoy's Building Supply, headquartered in San Marcos, that works closely with students and the programs it enhances. 

"I do business here because there is great opportunity for growth and impact" - Meagan McCoy Jones, McCoy's Building Supply

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