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The Future's So Bright

South By Southwest 2017 has come and gone.

Team GSMP was hard at work together with our regional communities to help get the word out about the dynamic region found South of SX, which was our official hashtag for the conference.

Not only did we meet Texas State alumni from across the country, companies from Europe, South America and California also made their way to our booth with the goal of meeting with us and learning more about the opportunities to be found south of the tech mecca of Austin.

Austin has established a global reputation as a place for tech companies and startups to establish and grow. The companies we met with are also intrigued by learning about the corridor to the south, which is home to a major university, a young and talented labor pool, a population of 2.5 million (labor force of more than 1 million) within a 45 mile radius, and an enviable quality of life coupled with an affordable cost of living and housing.

Having the conference right up the road was convenient, since many of the companies that we travel out of state to meet with travel to the conference right here in our neck of the woods! As a matter of fact, I drove a consultant who works with French companies looking to establish operations in the U.S. down to San Marcos to meet with Texas State and tour STAR Park. We hope that more international opportunities develop as a result of meetings like this!

GSMP also joined Governor Abbott at a reception he hosted for global tech leaders who attended the conference. He spoke about the attractiveness of locating in Texas and at the center of technology and innovation in the Greater Austin area.

SXSW is one of the leading technology events in the world, combining film, music and interactive conference, tradeshow and festivals. Going on 31 years, this unique event catapults Austin onto the global stage each March, turning it into a global mecca for creative and innovative companies and professionals. It’s important to have a presence and get our name out there amidst all the hustle and bustle at this global event.

The future is definitely bright for our two county region, and we look forward to taking advantage of every opportunity to get this word out!