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Black Friday in San Marcos

Merely hours after Thanksgiving, crowds of turkey-stuffed shoppers head to their favorite retailers to get best-of-year holiday savings. This has been a long standing tradition for American shoppers, but how did it really get its start?

The term "Black Friday" was coined in the 1960s when accounting practices were stil done by hand. when a company is profitable after a period of financial loss, it moves from red to black. Red ink indicates a loss, and black ink indicates a profit. (BlackFriday.com) The trend of post-Thanksgiving shopping is almost as tradiitonal as the meal itself. Across the US, "In 2014, 133 million people shopped over the weekend and spent, on average, $380.95, which totals out to be around $51 billion dollars of consumer money that was poured into the economy." (thebalance.com)

So what does that mean for San Marcos, Texas? As some of our major attractions include the Tanger Outlets and San Marcos Premium Outlets, our community feels the direct impact of the entire Black Friday weekend and the whole holiday season. Combined with the fervering Amazon Fulfillment Center, the three companies are the city's top employers during the holidays. All these workers are busily preparing for the influx of shopers estimated to roll and click through. Based on the data from the National Retail Federation's survey for retail sales data, estimated Black Friday revenue for 2017 will increase 4% from last year, and the average shopper is projected to spend $967.13. 

Black Friday obviously sparks the holiday shopping buzz, but it doesn't end when the clock strikes midnight. Small Business Saturday is also an integral park into the success of the San Marcos economy. We encourage patrons to Shop Small this holiday season and participating businesses will have free giveaways and #ShopSmallSMTX promotions. Small businesses make up 99.8% of all the businesses in the state, and we want you to be a part of it. When small businesses succeed, we all do! 

While shoppers are busily planning ahead their weekend with coupons at the ready and store navigations mapped out, the city accomodates the holiday commotion as well. Millions of Black Friday shoppers travel from far and wide to get to San Marcos, so in order to deter over crowding and chaos before it gets out of hand, free parking and shuttle services are provided to the outlets from McCarty Lane and the southbound exit 200 will be closed for the day. We want to make sure your holiday plans go as seamless as possible!

Stay safe this holiday season and help support San Marcos local businesses - happy shopping! 

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