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About Us

Mission Vision

The Greater San Marcos Partnership (GSMP) is a public-private partnership that serves as the regional economic development organization for the City of San Marcos, and Hays and Caldwell Counties, located at the heart of the Austin-San Antonio Innovation Corridor. Our mission is to promote smart and sustainable economic growth by promoting the Greater San Marcos value proposition, supporting quality job growth in export-oriented target sectors, optimizing the local talent base, accommodating and managing natural resources & quality growth, and creating destination appeal. By employing these strategic catalysts, we strengthen the region’s economy through the creation of high quality jobs with increased wages for our citizens and attract increased capital investment.

GSMP was founded in 2010 by regional stakeholders with a commitment to community advancement and a focused objective: creating economic diversity and strength through ethical, proactive and strategic professional economic development.

Core Values

The GSMP is committed to ethical practices aligned with the values of the communities we represent, which fosters confidence to our customer base of site section consultants and corporate decision makers, existing firms, public officials, and the public at large. The core values by which we operate include: 

  • Accountability, transparency, & integrity  
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Continuous Improvement to our processes & operations
  • Exceptional service to our clients and communities

The Austin-San Antonio corridor is based around the fastest growing city, San Marcos, and third fasting growing county, Hays, in the country. It’s our duty at GSMP to cultivate quality of life for our residents by arming them with diverse, quality jobs that offer competitive wages, training, benefits, and opportunities to advance.

GSMP accomplishes our mission through the implementation of a sustainable, comprehensive and data-driven economic development strategy, which was developed over nine months in 2015 and will be implemented over the next five-years.