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State Incentives

Texas Enterprise Fund

The Texas Enterprise Fund is an incentive that is used to ensure the growth of businesses in the state by attracting new companies and providing assistance to existing businesses with their substantial expansion efforts. The fund can be used for various economic development projects such as infrastructure and community development, job training programs and business incentives. The Governor, Lieutenant Governor and the Speaker of the House must unanimously support fund awards for each project.

Texas Enterprise Zone Program

The Texas Enterprise Zone Program is an economic development tool that allows local communities to partner with the State of Texas to promote job creation and capital investment in economically distressed areas of the state. Designated projects are eligible to apply for refunds of state sales and use tax on qualified expenditures. The level and amount of the refund is related to the amount of capital investment and jobs created or retained at the qualified business site.

Texas Sales Tax Credit for Electricity & Gas Used in Manufacturing

Texas companies are exempt from paying state and local sales and use tax on electricity and gas used in manufacturing, processing, or fabricating tangible personal property. 

Texas Sales Tax Credit for Machiner Used in Manufacturing 

Texas grants sales and use tax emptions on machinery and equipment utilized in the manufacturing process. Pruchases of machinery and equipment, replacement parts, and accessories that have a useful life of more than six months, and that are use or consumed in the manufacturing, processing, fabricating or repairing of tangible personal property for ultimate sale are exempt from state and local sales and use tax.