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Other Incentives

EB-5 and TEA

EB-5 is a federal Immigrant Investor Program that provides developers with an additional financing option and allows foreign investors to obtain citizenship through U.S. Citizen and Immigration Services by investing in new commercial enterprises within a Targeted Employment Area (TEA). The San Marcos TEA covers approximately 80 percent of the two-county region.

HUB Zones

The statewide Historically Underutilized Business (HUB) Zone Empowerment Contracting Program facilitates the use of HUBs in federal, state, and local procurement to minority and woman- owned businesses.

The program aims to increase employment opportunities, stimulate capital investment in HUB areas, increase employment opportunities, and offer economic leveraging in the community.

Eligible businesses must be registered as a small business by U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) standards, be owned and controlled by a U.S. citizen, and be located in a HUB zone with at least 35% of its employees also residing in the zone. The Texas State University SBDC can help assist eligible companies register with the SBA.